Frequently Asked Questions
Visiting USS COLE
at the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival
September 8-10, 2017


What should I wear to the ships?
Visitors should plan on wearing comfortable clothing, flat-soled shoes. A ship is an industrial environment, so avoid high-heels, flip flops and open-toed sandals, necklaces that can get caught and heavy bags. If possible, refrain from bringing carry-on items so your hands can remain free to use handrails when boarding the ship, climbing ladders on the ship, etc. If you are bringing a handbag or camera case it will be searched prior to entering. Remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses if it is going to be sunny.

Do I need photo ID to visit the ship?
Yes; all adults and children of age who possess a federal or state issued photo identification card (driver’s license, for example) should bring such identification with them to participate in the tours.

When can I visit the ship?
Ship Tours will be held accordingly:
    Friday, Sep. 9:  Noon-5pm
    Saturday, Sep. 10:  10am – 4pm
    Sunday, Sep. 11: 12:30pm – 4 pm
Visitors are encouraged to come early. Visitors are reminded that lines to visit the ship may be closed prior to scheduled visiting hours so that the last people in line have the opportunity to complete their tour in conjunction with the end of visiting hours.

How do we get onboard the ship?
Visitors must go through a security check prior to accessing the ship. The security check is similar to what is present at most airports and consists of a walk-through metal detector and/or wand scan.

Once screened, visitors will be grouped into sections of approximately 15-20 and will be escorted around the ship with Sailors acting as tour guides. For safety and security purposes, it is anticipated that no more than approximately 60 visitors grouped into such sections will be allowed onboard at any given time. The patience and understanding of all visitors is greatly appreciated.

Is there an age requirement to visit the ship?
There is no age requirement to tour the ship. However, there may be steep ladders (stairways) to climb and uneven surfaces to traverse during a ship tour, and thus, tours may not be appropriate for small children and may be difficult for parents carrying young children.

Are strollers allowed on the ship?
Strollers or baby carriages are permitted on the pier, but are not allowed on the ship.

Is the ship handicapped accessible?
The ship is not handicapped accessible. However, the pier facilities at Fort Trumbull, including exhibit, observation, refreshment, and restroom areas are handicapped accessible.

Are there any physical requirements to visit the ship?
There may be steep ladders (stairways) to climb and narrow passageways to traverse during a ship tour. Ship tours may not be appropriate for individuals with heart conditions, breathing difficulties, or other medical conditions impacting their ability to navigate such challenges.

What items are allowed on the ship?
Small hand-carried items such as handbags, clear bottles of water, small cameras or diaper bags are permitted. All personnel are screened and all bags are searched before entering the pier.

What items are not allowed on the ship?
The following are not permitted: bottles, cans or containers of any type; banners, posters or signs of any type; mace, pepper spray, or other defensive sprays or chemicals; knives, firearms, fireworks or any explosive; illegal drugs or paraphernalia; flammable liquids or aerosol spray cans; club weapons; electronic cigarettes; and animals. All electronic devices are subject to examination for functionality. The U.S. Navy reserves the right to prohibit other items not listed above.

May I take photographs on the ships?
Yes; photography is permitted on board the ship during the tours. Pictures of security personnel or procedures are prohibited.

Is smoking allowed on the ship?
No. There is no smoking onboard the ship.

Are there any public restrooms onboard the ship?
No. There will be facilities on the pier.